Volunteers . . . .

A chance to involve yourself in your child's interest in triathlon. We need your help to ensure the event is safe and FUN. So don't sit on the side-lines, get involved and have fun yourself.

If you can help at all in any of the Kidstri events then you will receive food and drink to keep you going, hi-vis jacket, you will be briefed by one of the Team and earn a free entry for your young triathlete in another Kidstri event. In 2024 we would need help from 10am to approx 1pm. Marshal briefings are at 9.45am.

If you can and would like to help out then please complete the form below, so we can contact you.

We also need some more people to join our regular Team at Hedgehogtri. If you can make three or more of the dates and you don't mind early start then get in contact - info@kidstri.uk


There are many volunteer options to help out at an event and most of these have been explained below:

Job roles - just to give you an idea what you might be doing!

Poolside assistant - Working with the Swim starters to ensure children do not run on poolside, they gather their belongings into their numbered sack and don't block others on poolside. Also help organise the laying out of the kit prior to each group starting. You stay in the warm and hopefully dry for this role!

Pool Exit - Ensuring competitors safe exit from the pool area to transition and if Children or no transition area then making sure shoes are on and tied/secure with tops on and number visible to the front

Swim bags - After the swim, competitors put all items such as goggles in a swim bag which has their number on and this is then taken by the competitor to the cycle transition. These bags are reusable so the role is to ensure these are returned when the rest of the kit is collected. The bag fully emptied and leaving the labels on, place in the containerbefore leaving.

Non Racing entrance (transition) - Checking that numbers are on the helmets, bikes and competitors before they enter transition. Also checking that helmets are fitted and not likely to fall off.
Also checking that all numbers correlate after the race on exiting transition so that the right bikes and equipment leave with the correct competitors.
Finally on the way in issue the timing Chip.

Cycle Mount - There will be a coned zone/line just outside of transition for the mounting of bikes for the cycle section. No competitors can get on their bikes before this coned zone /line is entered/crossed

Cycle Dismount - There will be a coned zone/line similar to mounting area but this time all competitors must be either off the bike by the line/end of the coned zone.

Cycle/ Run course marshals - This role involves directing individuals in the correct direction, with a bit of support as well of course.

Drink Station - Handing out cups of water to competitors as they run past
NB: some cups may come back in you direction so prepare to get wet

Spectator Crossing Points - This is where a course has been put across a road/path and there is a clear area where pedestrians are free to cross. There needs to be an alert manner at this position to keep pedestrians aware of oncoming competitors and at all times be polite and courteous.

Competitor crossing points - These are points such as paths or roads where competitors come in close contact with pedestrians. Cars have the right of way so if vehicles are moving through these points competitors MUST wait till the marshal gives the all clear. Make sure pedestrians and cars are not blocked as impeding them could result in not being able to use the same course structure ion the future.

Finish Area- Assisting with the Team members handing out drinks and refreshments to finishers

All Marshals/Volunteers - show support to the competitors, especially the children whom many faces will have a beaming smile with a little encouragement.


How do competitors know I am a marshal? You’r issued with a Hi-Vis jacket, detailed instructions and shown where to stand (or sit).

Is there any payment involved? Goodie bag to keep you feed and watered, and a free entry for your child in the next Kidstri event and OUR THANKS!.

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